Lipocontrast in the Salon Magazine

Lipocontrast in the Salon Magazine

The Lipocontrast Duo – the evolution of fat freezing – was recently featured in The Salon Magazine!

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Everybody… Freeze

A treatment that produces unheard of results, brings in customers through word of mouth alone and gives businesses the vitally important ROI is the holy grail for all salons. When it’s also one of the most sought after bodily changes, every clientele walking through the door will want it.

Yes – ‘Fat Freezing’ or Cryolipolysis hasn’t been on the tip of everyone’s tongue since its full FDA approval in 2012, but where a margin of doubt can brew in a potential clients mind the thought will turn to the more well known about Liposuction – until cost becomes such a barrier that that thought just disappears. But as 2019 gets into full swing, Cryolipolysis is rearing its head in the media and becoming more well known to the average Jane. The other ‘issues’ that deterred clients have been overcome too. Machines offering results within 4 weeks instead of months, offering no recovery time other than a red mark that fades within hours, and the ‘one treatment result’ have made it more appealing than ever.

Then of course comes the biggest change. Multi-site treatment. With machines incorporating 2 heads, clinics can now double their earnings in the same amount of time by treating 2 areas in one sitting. Happy client, happy clinician! Devices like the most advanced Cryolipolysis machine – Lipocontrast Duo – have taken this doubling up even further by eradicating the side effects such as frostbite and Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia; all the while removing consumables such as membranes making it a simpler, safer treatment. How? By including a new element in the treatment cycle – heat. Chins, flanks, upper and lower abdomens, knees, thigh and arms are all at risk of being under this new form of fat freezing without the side effects.

Since Cryolipolysis, other body contouring techniques have become more mainstream to salons and clinics too. Systems involving radio frequency and laser have tried to fill the void for those customers looking to shed the pounds easily without a visit to a surgeon. These procedures distinctly differ in their mechanisms for breaking down tissue; with more are on the horizon such as vibratory and shockwave therapies. However, to compare the effectiveness of the methods and/or machine subsets available is a statistical nightmare say those at the University of Medical Sciences; for these techniques are not a replacement for Liposuction and therefore in some cases do not meet clients expectations. The heavily obese will not slim down to a size 10 with these treatments, but the average Jane can have visually significant body contouring and removal of unwanted fat pockets.

The separation it would seem then is that instead of undergoing 8 years of tuition at Medical School,  treatments like the above can be bought in to the typical high street salon, trained on by the distributor and still obtain outstanding results. The advantage for Cryolipolysis – machines like the Lipocontrast Duo – and why it is making such a great come back in 2019 is that it is not dependant on the operator but more the two handpieces that are now doing all the work. Software in the Lipocontrast Duo is so simple to use that it would be harder to not produce a result! Full medical clinical trials have then shown significantly fast results –  with approximately 80% of the final results visible 20 days after treatment; meaningfully quicker than other Cryolipolysis styled machines.

The treatments then sell themselves. Average Janes friends and family will envy the newly contoured Jane and themselves will make enquiries. The before and after pictures speak for themselves – and with the fast paced life of Social Media these types of results go locally viral.

2019, the year of Cryolipolysis – and specifically the Lipocontrast Duo. Where one machine needs one treatment to give a result, one clinic needs just 3 treatments a month to breakeven, with every treatment thereafter costing pence but earning hundreds. The fast results, the safest of treatments, the ease of use, the doubling of earnings per hour! With summer peaking in, now is the time to make the investment that will change your salon – and your clients shape permanently.

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