Cryosthetics Introduce CooLift and CoolCell Daily Gel Creams

Cryosthetics Introduce CooLift and CoolCell Daily Gel Creams

Coolifting continues to evolve to offer the most comprehensive solutions in the cosmetic and beauty industry. That is why it has developed a new range of home beauty products. In other words, clients can now use CooLifting products at home. The two types of home beauty products are associated with the best-selling formulas already available in beauty salons: CooLifting – CooLifting daily gel cream and CoolCell – CoolCell anti-cellulite cream.
These new range of products are aimed at CooLifting Clients, who can now buy the cream in beauty salons offering Coolifting/CoolCell sessions. Clients can now complement these sessions and maintain the outstanding results from the comfort of their own homes.

CooLifting Daily Gel Cream
The Coolifting daily gel cream is a moisturizing gel cream with an immediate firming effect. The cream is formulated with a high vitamin content so that it delivers the necessary nutrients need to produce a radiant skin look. Due to its High hyaluronic acid content and several active ingredients it provides both moisturization, smooth’s out wrinkles/tough wrinkle lines and a skin lifting effect.

CoolCell Anti-Cellulite
The CoolCell Anti-Cellulite gel cream is specially developed by a highly suitable means using multiple active ingredients expressly chosen to deal with cellulite and facilitate its drainage. The gel cream has a heating effects which makes blood circulation reactions to promote the drainage of retained fats and liquids. Enriched with a multivitamin complex to nourish the skin and makes the skin look its best again.

So why not give CooLifting’s new range a try and see for yourself how amazing the results can be just by adding their new daily gel creams – for more information please call 0800 3100 421 or email [email protected]

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