How Does CooLift Work?

The Coolifting gun pushes into the facial tissues a powerful CO2 flow. At a very low temperature and a very high pressure which is combined with a high concentration of atomized active ingredients.

The cold CO2 flow and the atomized actives combined with the high application pressure, causes:

  • Paradoxical vessel-motricity: blood vessels constrictions followed by blood vessels dilatations of the blood micro-circulation. By suffering a strong cold stimulus, the blood vessels alternatively constrict and expand to counter it.
  • Cryophoresis and barophoresis: multiplication of the Coolifting active by cold and pressure. The combination of cold with the high pressure applied on the epidermis causes a strong penetration of the Coolifting actives and an exponential increase of its effects.
  • Cryo-carboxytherapy: The CO2 flows at a very low temperature and at a high pressure. This activates blood micro-circulation; it induces collagen and elastine formation and increases the tissues’ oxygenating.
  • Thermal shock: stimulation of the underlying tissues. Those tissues are normally at a temperature of some 36ºC (97ºF). Upon experiencing a sudden drop of temperature, it causes a deep and instantaneous dermis reaction.
Coolift Gun

“I purchased the CooLift gun for my salon and it’s been amazing. Clients are loving it, I’m still amazed by some of the results we’re getting. Word of mouth is bringing clients in. Even clients who have only ever had eyebrow waxes are having treatments”

Lesley Powell

The Benefits

The CooLifting treatment consists of different types of vials that are applied, along with the CO2 cartridges, with the CooLifting gun in each treatment.

CooLift Original


Original product for an anti-aging and luminosity effect. Contains Hyaluronic acid and tighteners. Indicated for all skin types.

It is designed to easily and quickly treat the entire face. Achieving a general lifting effect that smoothes and illuminates the skin.

  • Intense hydrating
  • Improves skin texture and quality
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Dermis regeneration
  • Visible effects after just one session
coolift orignal serum

CooLift CoolClear


Adds a clearing effect to the antiaging one and unifies skin tone. Especially indicated for skins with pigmentation differences. Kojic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C have been added to the original composition. For areas punished by wrinkles, both expression and gravitational: eye contour, forehead, cheeks and labial area.

  • Improves skin texture and quality
  • Increase luminescence
  • Reduces tonal imperfections
  • Improves and unifies skin tone
  • Improves acne scaring
coolift coolclear serum

CooLift CoolShine


The CoolShine vial is designed to provide luminosity and nutrition to those young skin, also providing a relaxing aromatherapy and spa sensation. Among the effective ingredients, you can also find plant based ingredients like Kombucha, which softens and refreshes the skin; Honey extract and aloevera, which improves skin tone and elasticity.

  • Provides luminosity and nutrition
  • Softens and refreshes skin
  • High in Vitamins and Antioxidants
  • Bio-illuminating Peptides


Our CooLifting Training is certified by CPD. Training includes theory and practical and following course completion Cryosthetics will certify you for insurance.

Our packages also include consultation forms, printed manuals, leaflets & posters together with a digital download. You will also appear on our salon locator.

CPD Certifed

The Results

See the incredible results below.

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