Ditch the Razor for Laser

This compact, portable laser uses triple wavelength technology and a Cryo head. It is the most complete, and effective hair removal machine – only available from Cryosthetics.

Incorporating multiple wavelengths and technologies not only enables professionals to treat a wide range of hair types, it also enables your client to enjoy a comfortable treatment process, and an effective clinical outcome. This Cryo-system will ensure client comfort by reducing the temp of the head to – 6c.

Criss Laser

CryoLaser has three wavelengths

These three wavelengths will work simultaneously together to give a powerful, quick, and effective treatment.


Alexandrite laser for shallow hair


Diode laser for most hair


Nd YAG laser for use on dark skin

How Does CryoLaser Work?

The CryoLaser penetrates deep into the dermis and is absorbed by melanin in the hairs follicles. The laser energy is converted into thermal energy, which damages the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding tissue for effective hair removal.

The Smart Laser

There are many varying factors to consider when treating anyone for laser hair removal, skin colour, hair colour, wavelengths, and speed of delivery. A course of treatments is recommended 4-6 weeks apart for optimum results.

The CryoLaser has 2 smart interface options designed with the operator in mind:

Criss Laser Intelligent Mode

Intelligent Mode:

Used to establish the Fitzpatrick skin type, hair density, and hair colour. The CryoLaser will automatically select parameters based on this information for optimum results.

Criss Laser Expert Mode

Expert Mode:

Expert mode for more advanced users to select the parameters to tailor the treatment for the best results.

Why CryoLaser?

This modern piece of technology utilises 3 different wavelengths at the same time, delivering a safe and optimum treatment. The CryoLaser does all the thinking for you, with its easy-to-use functionalities it makes operating the device stress-free!

No gel or consumables
No cost per shot
Virtually pain-free
Portable, desktop size
Built-in cooling system
Triple wavelength delivery

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