Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

Cryowave features CryoIPL and CryoSHR for hair removal, with CryoClear for skin rejuvenation. With its fast and uniformed pulse and higher energy, deeper penetration to roots is achieved ensuring hair does not regrow. The only reaction to the skin is a cooling sensation.

Eliminating the need for consumables such as gel and wipes. The client does not have any residue post treatment.

The IPL head shoots at an intense pulse so the client does not need to shave – especially good for treatments on the back.

The hair can be seen sliding out directly after treatment!

With other hair reduction treatments the skin may need recovery time from rashes, redness and injuries. The client can visit on their lunch break, and be back to work an hour later.


With Cryo technology cooling the skin and pain receptors, the client has a virtually pain free treatment. This cold effect reduces blood flow to the surface of the skin, and therefore also to the hair follicle germ cells.

An easy to use touchscreen operating system means the treatment will not differ between operators.

No need to turn away clients due to their genetics.

Dedicated engineers will be with you in 24-48 hours with parts to minimize any down time should the machine breakdown. The first service is also included!


CRYO-Super Hair Removal with Peltier Crystal Cooling system for those smaller more delicate areas of hair removal. CRYO-IPL technology offers a large spot 8cm2 the device has a 2KW power which won’t slow down and operates at optimum speed continuously throughout the day.


Changeable treatment filters 640nm with 480nm and 590nm for CRYO-Super Skin Rejuvenation. The Peltier Crystal Cooling system with Super Skin rejuvenation can be used to remove many skin imperfections. With Contact cooling to protect the skin & eliminate pain.


Rejuvenation of the epidermis creating more collagen and elasticity causing skin retraction promoting visibly tighter and healthier looking skin.