CryoWave - The Concept

Removal of unwanted body hair is a common complaint for almost all woman and an increasing amount of men. The hair removal choices for men and woman are painful and uncomfortable. The innovative and new hair removal technology Cryowave was born.

In more regular hair removal methods, the skin can become sore and inflamed, especially the sensitive areas, including around membranes.

With Cryo IPL technology the feeling when the treatment shots of laser are applied is cool, so any soreness is dissipated away making the treatment feel comfortable unlike any other treatment.

CRYOWAVE LASER IPL with this new advanced technology combined with the reduction in discomfort.

The cold effect of this new treatment method has the added bonus of enhanced hair removal, due to the physiological effects of the CRYO on the blood flow. This reduces the blood flow to the surface tissues, and therefore to the hair follicles as well. This makes the germ cells of the follicles less effective and slow hair production, when this is combined with the laser light of the correct specific wavelength, and frequency the germ calls are more effective destroyed than with other systems, giving better results with more hair removal and longer term results. Combined with reduced redness, soreness and pain from the treatment.

cryowave model
What’s so Cool about CryoWave

Its innovation is an Integrated cooling system operating simultaneously with the IPL head. Cooling the skin eliminating pain for your client and enabling a super-fast and incredibly efficient treatment. Without the need to shave the hair your client will be able to visibly see the hair removed.

Why CryoWave?

This beautifully designed machine is exclusively distributed by Cryosthetics.

With its fast and uniformed pulse and higher energy, deeper penetration to roots is achieved ensuring hair does not regrow. The only reaction to the skin is a cooling sensation. Easy to use software touch screen. Offer this amazing treatment to your customer and get fantastic return on investment.

CryoWave Heads


No recovery downtime

With other hair reduction treatments the skin may need recovery time from rashes redness and injuries. With Cryowave Cool technology theirs is a thing of the past. The client can resume daily routine immediately after treatment.

Less time per session

CRYO-IPL technology offers a large spot 8cm2 the device has a 2KW power which won’t slow down and operates at optimum speed throughout the day.


Rejuvenation of the epidermis.

Creating more collagen and elasticity causing skin retraction promoting visibly tighter and healthier looking skin.

Cryo-Super Hair Removal

CRYO-Super Hair Removal with Peltier Crystal Cooling for those smaller more delicate areas of hair removal.

Changeable treatment filters 640nm with 480nm and 590nm for CRYO-Super Skin Rejuvenation.

The Peltier Crystal Cooling system with Super Skin rejuvenation can be used to remove many skin imperfections. With Contact cooling to protect the skin & eliminate pain.


Pigmentation removal, Spider veins and also vascular lesion removal.

Driven by the Peltier Crystal Cooling system the applicator can remove unwanted blemishes and/or break outs.

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