Make your advertising 5*

Make your advertising 5*

Our NEW banners have arrived!

Do your clients come in on a regular basis but are unsure of other treatments you offer in the salon?

By using the new banners made by Cryosthetics, this is advertising your products in your salon to YOUR clients! Easily making your clients interested in other products you have.

Putting a banner up is simple – but by advertising the before and after pictures for people to see is even better, therefore they know what to expect from your treatments!

Advertising can sometimes be tricky but it is important to show the client what is in store for them. Once your clients know about these treatments and how well these work, word of mouth will make an effect, bringing more clients to your business.

For a limited time, will be offering an INTRODUCTORY price for each banner. Costing only £150 +VAT!