Coolifting Cream – Box of 12


Coolifting Cream – Box of 12

CooLifting continues to evolve to offer the most comprehensive solutions in the cosmetic and beauty industry.

That is why it has developed a new home beauty product. In other words, clients can now use CooLifting product at home. The home beauty product is associated with the best-selling formulas already available in beauty salons: CooLifting – CooLifting daily gel cream.

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The cream is formulated with a high vitamin content to deliver the necessary nutrients to produce radiant skin. Thanks to its high hyaluronic acid content, it provides both skin moisturization and smooths out wrinkles. And as a final touch, several active ingredients combine to produce a skin lifting effect, stretching it and thus, helping to hide those tough wrinkle lines.

A great upsell following a CooLift treatment to enhance and prolong the effects.

Instructions for use:

  • Apply the cream to the facial surface until it is completely absorbed every morning.

Included in the Box:

  • 12 unit expo box.
  • Each packaged unit is sold separately to the final user.