How Does Cryotherapy Work?

No longer being treated by the NHS. With Cryotherapy training you can now have these treatments in your business. Emitting a fine jet of super cold gas under high pressure, you’ll be taught to work with millimetre precision with our advanced CryoIQ device.

The device destroys the tissue by freezing the inter-cellular fluid, forming ice shards and crystals which rupture the membrane, thereby destroying the cell. That means there will be no collateral damage to healthy tissue. It’s so incredibly accurate and practical.

Cryo IQ Cryotherapy-device-aesthetic

What Can You treat?

Cryotherapy Polyp
Cryotherapy Plantar Warts
Plantar Warts
Cryotherapy Cysts
Cryotherapy Crust
Cryotherapy Mole
Cryotherapy Nodule

and many more…

Why do an Advanced Cryotherapy Course?

Our Advanced Cryotherapy Course will impart the knowledge required to fully understand the type and development of skin lesions suitable to be removed using advanced Cryotherapy techniques, safely and effectively.

This training takes your understanding to the next level with detailed information, covering the structure of skin and the various types of skin lesions; with a detailed and thorough understanding of aetiology and effects.

We take you through the full methodology of the treatments for the varying lesions. The different results to be expected and with an understanding of the healing process showing the way in which the lesion is resolved through primary healing giving you the knowledge to safely treat with excellent results for your clients.

This course is for suitably qualified medical professionals such as medics, nurses, pharmacists, dentists & podiatrists.

We have comprehensive material to use in your consultation with aftercare sheets, and ongoing training support post training.

Included in our industry leading training is the following:
CPD Certifed
CryoIQ cryotherapy device aesthetics

Advanced CryoIQ Cryotherapy Device

Medically CE certified device for you to perform the treatments. Includes X2 applicator tips for larger lesions!

CryoIQ Cryotherapy cartridges X2 25g

2 x 25g CryoIQ Cartridges

Providing the gas for the device – enough to get a full ROI!

cryotherapy leaflets

Marketing materials

Including leaflets & a poster to promote your treatments

Digital Download

Full with all marketing literature (before & after pictures for social media), leaflet and poster designs. Also includes all training material

cryotherapy model

“This is a really helpful treatment to add to my offer to patients especially when these treatments are difficult to get in primary care. Support afterwards has also been comprehensive. I would recommend your company to any healthcare colleagues working in aesthetics. “

Cathriona Sullivan

Meet the trainers

Our trainers will teach you how to remove blemishes and benign lesions effectively and accurately using your new INCLUDED CryoTherapy device.

Andrew Roberts

Northern Training Manager

Andrew Is a qualified Medical Doctor, holding Batchelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degrees, he also has master’s degree in Pharmacology. He has worked with and trained junior medics, and surgeons in new techniques, including in Regenerative Medicine and has extensive experience in teaching and lecturing including at international conferences.   He has been training Cryotherapy for over 5 years and runs each of our northern workshops as well as in salon/clinic training.  Andrew is one of the creators of our advanced cryotherapy course.

Sunil Kochhar

Southern Training Manager

Sunil is a prescribing pharmacist with over 20 years of experience delivering positive health & well-being outcomes to local communities. Sunil has a special interest in Dermatology & Trichology and has an established aesthetics clinic based in Kent.  He currently delivers accredited training for Hair Rejuvenation, and Dermatology to advance the offering from aesthetic clinics. In his practice he delivers Cryotherapy daily and can share his clinical experience and his commercial experience in delivering a successful Cryo-Clinic.

The Results

See the incredible results below.

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