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We’re Coming to Olympia Beauty!

We're ecstatic to announce we will be attending Olympia Beauty in London this year! We have new products to unveil, along with showcasing our current range of products. Together with UNMISSABLE show offers that'll be announced shortly. We look forward to welcoming you to stand E40 on October 2nd-3rd.

Cryotherapy Deep Dive – Cherry Angioma

A new series of posts diving into the science behind treating skin lesions with Cryotherapy. This week we cover Cherry Angioma Cherry Angioma are described as a benign mass of dilated blood capillaries that protrude onto the surface of the skin through the epidermis. The lesions sit as small bright red spots and can appear anywhere on the body. Usually,...

Criss Carboxy


Introducing the BRAND NEW CRISS Carboxy machine. The Criss Carboxy has been carefully developed with the latest technological solutions which deliver safe and effective Carboxytherapy treatments for use in Aesthetic Medicine Clinics or Advanced Beauty Salons. What is Carboxytherapy? Controlled micro injections of carbon dioxide into the skin. Co2 injected microscopically causes a rapid expansion of blood vessels and an...

Criss Laser

Introducing the BRAND-NEW CRISS CryoLaser

Removal of unwanted facial and body hair is a common complaint for everyone, and has been known to be an uncomfortable treatment with some lasers - but not anymore. This innovative new method of hair removal is virtually pain-free! How does CryoLaser do this? CryoLaser utilises three wavelengths which will work simultaneously together to give a powerful, quick, and effective 🔵...

Virtual Expo

Visit the Cryosthetics Virtual Expo TODAY!

A brand-new, industry-first platform for the new normal. At Cryosthetics we have recognised the way we process and receive information has changed in the last 2 years and today are excited to present to you the Cryosthetics Virtual Expo! Get to know our products... Each of our products has its own showcase featuring, presentations, video demos, financial breakdowns, and training information. Browse and...

Cryotherapy Deep Dive – Pigmentation

A new series of posts diving into the science behind treating skin lesions with Cryotherapy. This week we cover Hyperpigmentation! Pigmentation occurs when skin increases the production of melanin, the chemical which gives colour to the skin. When this occurs naturally due to sun exposure or deliberate exposure to artificial UV light the skin will colour all over in tanning. This...

Cryotherapy Deep Dive Skin Tag

Cryotherapy Deep Dive – Skin Tags

A new series of posts diving into the science behind treating skin lesions with Cryotherapy. This week we cover Skin Tags! Skin Tags, also called acrochordon are small benign skin tumours that form in areas of friction due skin rubbing against skin in folds or clothes/jewellery. They are usually no bigger than a grain of rice but can in extreme...

We are pleased to announce a brand new medically led Advanced Cryotherapy course

Following on from our industry-leading Cryotherapy course which covers 6 basic skin lesions, this brand-new advanced course is designed for qualified medical professionals to expand their knowledge of Cryotherapy and Dermatology. Our Advanced Cryotherapy course will impart the knowledge required to fully understand the type and development of skin lesions suitable to be removed using advanced Cryotherapy techniques, safely and...

Cryotherapy Verrucae treatment

Cryotherapy Deep Dive – Warts & Verrucae

A new series of articles diving into the science behind treating skin lesions with Cryotherapy. This week we cover warts/verrucae. Warts/Verrucae are the same thing, they are both viral infections of the stratum corneum, they are classified dermatologically as ''Viral induced tumours of stratum corneum cells''. The virus involved is the human papillomavirus- HPV, there are roughly 14 different variants of...

CryoGlobe ice blue

New CryoGlobe Colours

We're thrilled to introduce 2 new colours to our range - Ice Blue & Ivory. CryoGlobes also now come shipped in reusable thermal containers. That can keep your CryoGlobes cold for up to 6 hours! Get them FAST as we're not expecting these new colours to be around long!