Cryotherapy training vs Advanced Cryotherapy training – which is for you?

Cryo comparison

Cryotherapy training vs Advanced Cryotherapy training – which is for you?

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the removal of skin lesions using a super cold gas (Nitrous Oxide). This process freezes the inter-cellular fluid, forming ice shards in the cell, which then rupture and destroy the cell – this process is called Cryo-Necrosis.

At Cryosthetics, we offer two Cryotherapy courses.

But what are the differences, and which one is for me?

Level 3 Cryotherapy training

Level 3 Cryotherapy is for trainees that have achieved a Beauty NVQ level 3 (or equivalent). Being beauty trained, trainees cannot medically diagnose lesions, so this course is all about safe and effective treatments which are protocoled.

This course will teach you to remove 6 skin lesions: Skin Tags, Cherry Spots, Milia, Pigmentation, Verrucae & Warts.

This course includes CPD Certified training, Cryotherapy device with a single tip, x2 25g ampoules, printed marketing & training materials.

Advanced Cryotherapy training

This course is for medically qualified students such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists & podiatrists ONLY. It goes much deeper into the science & structure of the skin with a detailed and thorough look at aetiology.

Being medically qualified a much broader range of lesions can be treated. This course takes you through the full methodology of the treatments for varying lesions. The different results to be expected, and a full understanding of the healing process – showing the way in which the lesion is resolved through primary healing. Giving you the knowledge to safely treat with excellent results for your clients.

This course includes CPD Certified training, Advanced Cryotherapy device with x2 tips (for treating a wide range of lesions), x2 25g ampoules, printed marketing & training materials.

In summary, both courses offer a great opportunity to introduce Cryotherapy into your clinic. We offer training in both courses in two major cities monthly for level 3 and quarterly for Advanced.

Cryotherapy is a real revenue returner so get in touch today to book your place!

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