Coolifting – Needle-free treatment


Coolifting – Needle-free treatment

Why are these procedures catching consumers’ eyes? What benefits do they offer over more traditional filler treatments?

Needle-free treatments are catching consumers’ eyes mainly for the fact that they are non-invasive. This means nothing breaks the skin or enters the body through a physical process. The obvious advantage to this is the fact that there is no pain. Not to mention the fact that a lot of people have phobias of needles.

How do these treatments work and what ingredients are used? What is involved in the process?

The Coolifting gun is a needle free treatment. It works by spraying the facial tissue or cellulite with a powerful C02 flow at a very low temperature and a high pressure. This low temperature initially causes blood vessels to constrict, then expand to increase temperature and prevent damage. This process has the secondary effect of increasing blood flow through the skin, bringing more red blood cells to the area which carry oxygen and assists in the removal of waste products.

The body naturally absorbs C02, so by pushing this gas out at high pressure mixed with a specialised HA serum, this cocktail of molecules begins to diffuse through the epidermis uniformly. The molecules swell and replenish natural hyaluronic levels. This plumps the skin from below; softening and flattening fine lines and wrinkles.

This means improved skin elasticity, improved circulation, an encouragement of collagen production and repair, improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and destruction of fatty deposits.

What downtime can clients expect? How many treatments are needed to achieve the desired results and how long do they last?

A single Coolift session lasts only 3 minutes, the procedure is painless and does not cause any discomfort. One shot of CooLifting is a red-carpet treatment with instant visible effects up to 36 hours. A minimum of 6 treatments over a month is recommended, followed by monthly maintenance treatments.

What training or previous qualifications are needed to offer these treatments? Do you need specific insurance?

A Beauty NVQ level 2 and a training course ran by Cryosthetics is the minimum qualification needed to operate the Coolifting Gun. Most insurers cover the Coolifting treatments on existing insurance policies because it is a non-invasive treatment.

Training opportunities.

Cryosthetics run monthly training courses in 4 locations throughout the U.K and Ireland. London, Manchester, Dublin & Belfast where clients receive their devices, manual and a range of marketing materials.

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