PURAXEL: Transforming Absorption of Skincare Products

PURAXEL: Transforming Absorption of Skincare Products

When your clients want quick and effective skin solutions and have individual needs. They are inundated with treatments, products and active ingredients that promise miraculous outcomes all the time, most of them are invasive and create trauma. But what if there existed a tool that could optimise their efficacy without resorting to intrusive techniques? Presenting PURAXEL, a handheld and portable device that aims to transform the way products and active ingredients are absorbed with no downtime.

The Power of Fractional Laser Technology

At the heart of PURAXEL’s technology lies a fractional laser. With every shot, 100 micro-holes are made in the skin, which helps to improve the absorption rates of your products and active ingredients for each individual’s requirements. PURAXEL, not only opens micro-holes into the skin through safe dehydration of cells. In addition, by activating the deeper-lying Langerhans cells, PURAXEL causes stimulation of cellular turnover to produce youthful skin cells. Giving tighter, more youthful skin, clarifying its appearance, and enhancing structure and strength.

Enhanced Product Penetration with Ultrasonic Head

PURAXEL also features a strong ultrasonic head. Deeper product penetration is made possible by this technology, which utilises sound waves to improve skin elasticity and colour, whilst also removing impurities.

Galvanic Technologies for Improved Absorption

In addition to the fractional laser and ultrasonic head, PURAXEL features galvanic technologies. Together, these (+) and (-) galvanic technologies provide a mild electrical current that attracts and repels ions, improving the skin’s ability to absorb active substances. This not only enhances product penetration but also facilitates deep skin cleansing and waste drainage, further optimizing the overall treatment experience.

The Soothing Benefits of Cryo Head

What further sets PURAXEL apart from other devices is its Cryo head. By gradually cooling the skin, the Cryo head tightens pores and enhances the absorption of products. In addition to feeling refreshed, this chilling sensation helps to calm the skin following the previous treatment modalities.

Ease of Use and Efficiency

By combining these advanced technologies, PURAXEL drastically increases the absorption rate of any skincare regime, ensuring that active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. This leads to an exponential increase in their effectiveness, allowing clients to see amazing improvements in their skin’s texture, firmness, and general health of their skin. Whilst creating a new facial experience for your clients, with more tailored results

Get ready to unlock the full potential of your clinic’s current skincare and client’s facial products with PURAXEL – the future of effective skincare absorption! Enquire now.

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