The Coolest Delivery System

Harnessing the power of fractional laser technology, PURAXEL is a revolutionary device in the field of skin absorption.

Each 2940nm shot of the PURAXEL produces 100 uniform microholes up to 0.2mm in the epidermal layer. These micro-holes can drastically increase the absorption rate of product and active ingredients. Allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin increasing their effectiveness exponentially.

PURAXEL, not only opens micro-holes into the skin through safe dehydration of cells. It also, by activation of deeper lying langerhan cells, causes a stimulation of cellular turnover to produce youthful skin cells. Rejuvenating the skin and increasing cell numbers. Giving a tighter, more youthful skin, clarifying the appearance of skin, enhancing structure and strength.

Not Just Laser...

Through easily interchangeable heads PURAXEL features four further facial treatment modalities. Each designed to enhance the absorption of product or active skincare ingredients and maximize their efficacy.

30% Increase

in skin density!

3x Increase

in skin moisture!

2x Increase

in skin tone brightness!

Puraxel Groupshot

The Results

PURAXEL can be used in combination with any product or active ingredients. The below results where using PURAXEL combined with DECAAR Peptides.

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