Introducing the BRAND-NEW CRISS CryoLaser

Criss Laser

Introducing the BRAND-NEW CRISS CryoLaser

Removal of unwanted facial and body hair is a common complaint for everyone, and has been known to be an uncomfortable treatment with some lasers – but not anymore. This innovative new method of hair removal is virtually pain-free!

How does CryoLaser do this?

CryoLaser utilises three wavelengths which will work simultaneously together to give a powerful, quick, and effective

🔵 755nm Alexandrite Laser

🟣 808nm Diode Laser

⚫️ 1064nm Nd YAG Laser

Also incorporating a Cryo-Head which drops the temperature of the head down to -6 degrees enabling your client to enjoy a comfortable treatment process, and an effective clinical outcome.

Criss Laser

The Smart Laser

The CryoLaser features a smart user interface establishes the Fitzpatrick skin type, hair density, and hair colour. The CryoLaser will automatically select parameters based on this information for optimum results. CryoLaser also features an expert mode for more advanced users.

Why CryoLaser?

The CryoLaser does all the thinking for you, with its easy-to-use functionalities it makes operating the device stress-free!

❄️ No Gel

❄️ Portable desktop laser easily transported

❄️ Easy operation with a simple user interface

❄️ Fast triple wavelength delivery

❄️ Built-in Cooling system

❄️Suitable for all skin types

❄️ Spot size 14mm x 14mm

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